2014-2015 Fixtures Match Results

Sunday 17th May

Felixstowe sea anglers had a match last night at Thorpness the conditions were spot on nw wind dropping of and sun we started at 1800 and some had fish from the of with Midi doing his thing running up and down getting fish recorded on his card I was worn out just watching him lol.1st on the night was Midi with 26 fish for 345 pts 2nd was Jason with 10 fish for 154 pts and 3rd was a young lady Lorna with 8 fish for 85 pts well done Lorna good result . Next club match is on Tues 26th May fishing the Manor 1900hrs to 2300hrs meet at the Manor railing car park 1815ish . Please book in with Jason. Many thanks

Dave Wright

Sunday 26th April Spring Cup Clacton

Epistles sea anglers held there latest match at Clacton in the new area. Condition were good light wind the only thing was a small tide but the fish did play and crab being the best bait for most 1st was Jason Banham with 629 pts 5 fish 2nd Graham Messenger 249 pts 7 fish 3rd Dave Wright 248 pts 9 fish. Biggest fish was a very ñice bass on his last cast of 64 cm being 6lb 11oz Jason Banham.

Report by Dave Wright

Tuesday 14th of April Borley Cup

Fished at the Butts conditions were looking good with light winds and a calm sea and flooding tide hopes were high, but things did not work out that way it seems that the may weed has stared slime on the line and few fish .1st was Jason Banham with 7 fish for 147 pts ,2nd Ken Messenger with 9 fish for 94 pts and 3rd was Richard Burrows with 9 fish for 74 pts . Biggest fish round was a Dogfish of 62cm Jason , Flat fish was a Dab of 21cm Midy.Next match is Sat 25th April at Clacton for full info and booking in please ring Jason on 07850836339. Many Thanks Dave

Report by Dave Wright

Sunday 5th April Easter Fayre

Felixstowe sea anglers had there Easter fair today fishing from 1030 to 1530 high water was a 1310hrs ,13 anglers took part with 6 of them being juniors . With Easter eggs for the prizes competition was fierce .The weather was spot on for the day for the juniors with no wind and nice sunshine .Fish came in from the of with small pin whiting and the odd small dab as the tide made the fishing got better for some but not for Andy Smith as he was finding it hard to get a fish but he came good in the end. The results were 1St with 260 Pts 21 Fish was Steve Adams ,2nd was Jason Banham with 182 pts and 11 fish,3rd was Graham Adams with 134pts and 12 fish. The Juniors Olivia had 12 fish for 119 pts ,Morgan had 7 fish for 82 pts, Mark had 7 fish for 64 pts, Sarlet had 6 fish for 54 pts, Lorna had 5 fish for 40 pts and Fiona had 5 fish for 36 pts a big well done to them all . Biggest fish was round Jason a Dogfish of 60cm and flat was a Sole of 38cm Steve what a nice fish for this time of year. Next club match is on Tuesday 14th April fishing the Butts from 1900 to 2300hrs Please book in with Jason 07850836339 all welcome.

Report by Dave Wright

Sunday 22nd February Beach Rover

1st was Jason Banham with one codling for 3lb 4oz 2nd was Ken Massenger with 2lb 1/2oz .Codling were showing in the orwell and on Landguard,the wind picked up from the sw so the ones in the river had to move to other parts of Felixstowe . Next match is on Tuesday 17th March please book in with Jason.

Report by Dave Wright

Sunday 25th January Beach Away Cup

Fsas held a match at Thorpness today conditions were good nice bit of sun colour in the water but the fish were a bit hard to find for me anyway lol lost more gear today than I have all winter fishing the Spa (DAVE COOK).

Anyway results 1st was Graham Adams with 121pts 2nd was Birthday boy Jason Banham with 111Pts biggest flat Dab by Ken Messenger 29cm round was a Whiting of 31 cm Andy Smith .Junior was Lorna Banham With 62 pts well done Lorna .Lucky peg was Graham Adams.

Next club match is on 22nd Feb fishing 0930 to 1630 this is a anywhere rover meet at club hut .

Report by Dave Wright

Tuesday 13th January Beach Rover

This match was a rover so angler went to there best marks to find the fish,1st with 4 fish for 4lb 11/4 oz was Jason 2nd with 3 fish for 2lb 151/4 Steve Adams, Biggest round a codling of 1lb 9oz Steve ,Flat was Midi with a Flounder of 11oz.
Next Club match is 25th Jan at Thorpness Fishing from 1000hrs to 1500hrs meet at the country club by 0915hrs please book in with Jason Before the match Many thanks.

Report by Dave Wright

Sunday 4th January 2015 Neville Banham Cup

Result from todays match fished at sizewell from 1000hrs to 1500hrs hw was 1100hrs sea was calm but with a good colour but from the of fish were hard to come by as the tide dropped more fish came on the feed.!st was the man of the moment Midi with 17 fish for 265 pts ,2nd was Rick Bennett with 22 fish for 209 pts . Round fish a coddling of 43cm Midi and he also took the flat fish money with a Dab of 31 cm. Winning junior was Oliva with 25 pts and shares in her Dads winning.Well done to Norman in beating me in the Knock out cup see he can catch fish .

Report by Dave Wright

Friday 26th December Boxing Day Match

Result from FSAS boxing day match fished from 0900hrs to 1200hrs far end of viewing are 1st with 10 fish for 200pts was Cameron Turner 2nd with185pts was Jason Banham biggest round was a codling of 43cm Jason ,and flat was a dab of 31cm Cameron .In total 43 fish to five anglers in 3hrs 7 of them being codling . Next club match is sun 4th January fishing 1000hrs to 1500hrs Neville Banham cup Sizewell Pegged please info Jason if fishing . Happy new year to you all and may all your fish be big ones.

Report by Dave Wright

Tuesday 2nd December Evening Cup

This was a rover match a bit wet but the wind did not come as forecast 1st on the night was Steve Adams with 7lb 15 oz ,2nd was Dave Wright with 3lb 3oz Biggest fish was Dave with a codling of 1lb 8 3/4 0z.Next match is sat night 2nd leg of Pres cup fishing from 1800 to 2300 meet club hut 1730hrs .

Report by Dave Wright

Sunday 30th November Cod only Rover

All I can say is the cod did not want to play with a calm sea and small tide it was getting past the whiting to find the cod 1st on the night was Jason with 2 codling for 2lb 3 1/2 oz, 2nd was Cameron with two codling for 1lb 13oz , biggest fish was a codling of 1lb 61/2 oz Jason . The high light of the match was a the start a sea gull droped its load on Kenny Messenger head I hope you washed you hair Ken!

Report by Dave Wright

Sunday 16th November Beach Zone 3

Fishing from 1500 to 2000hrs the sea was flat calm and clear so hopes were not high . the rain did not stop from start to finish every thing was soaked and with all the nice sand (not).Any way 1st was Graham Messenger with 4lb 11oz 2nd Jason Banham 2lb 12oz .No codling this match all whiting better luck next time. Next club match is on Sunday 30th November Cod rover two rods meet at club hut by 1430hrs fishing 1500 to 2100hrs.

Report by Dave Wright

Tuesday 4th November

The weather was good no wind but a storm was on its way all the match out to sea was lightning and it was getting closer by the end of the match it was now hitting Felixstowe with the results sorted fish returned the ran came down good timing.1st on the night was Ken Messenger with 12 fish for 8lb 7oz , 2nd was Cameron Turner with 12 for 7lb 2oz round fish was Norman Bickers with a codling of 1lb 12oz 2nd round was Chris Cannell with a dog fish of 1lb 9oz.Lucky peg was John Austin. next match is on Sunday 16th November fishing the butts from 1500hrs to 2000hrs please book in with Jason.

Report by Dave Wright

Tuesday 21st Oct

What a match we had with the wind of our backs and a flat sea , even Norman couldn't get more than 50 yards in that wind lol. 1st was Cameron Turner with 16 fish for 16lb 6oz, 2nd was Graham Adams with 11 fish for 13lb 4oz , biggest round was a codling of 3lb 7oz by Dave Wright, 2nd round codling of 2lb 3oz Steve Adams. In total there was 60 dogfish,15 codling and a number of whiting all fish were sizeable .The tide last night was very high last night due to the wind and most anglers had to move onto the prom.

Report by Dave Wright

Saturday 18th October

This was the first round of the Presidents cup a rover match.1st G Messenger with 5lb 81/2oz,2nd c Cannell. there were codling whiting pout eel sole but the dog fish did not show. Graham had the biggest round and flat with a sole of 121/4 oz and a codling of 1lb 9oz.

Report by Dave Wright

Saturday 4th October Beach Rover

Result from FSAS match fished at the Dip fishing from 1800hrs to 2300hrs . Joint first was Jason Banham and Chris Cannell with 4lb 4oz Jason had 3 Whiting 2 pout sole coddling and dog fish, Chris had 3 codling 2 whiting . Biggest round was a dogfish of 1lb 4oz by Middi. Flat fish was a sole of 1lb 1/2oz Ken Messenger.Luck peg was won by Steve Adams.

Report by Dave Wright

Tuesday 23rd September Evening Cup

Results from FSAS match held at Felixstowe, it was nice to see 15 anglers turn out for this match with anglers at the ready at 1845 they were off to all parts of Felixstowe at 2300 hours it was time to return for the weight in 1st was Jonathan Coote with 5lb 123/4 oz 2nd Jason Banham with 4lb 123/4 3rd Andy Smith with 4lb 11oz, Biggest round Johnny Austin with a Dog fish of 1lb 14oz ,2nd round was Dave Wright Dog fish of 1 93/4oz . Lucky peg was Neon Ling winning £15. On a sad note Dave The Hash Brown Blanked but don't tell anyone will you . next club match is sunday fishing from 1400 to 2100 species rover 2 rod most number of species.

Report by Dave Wright

Saturday 20th September Species Rover

Result from FSAS match fished on Languard with calm sea and clear water things were going to be hard and so it proved with only a few fish coming in.1st Jason with two codling for 1lb 11oz 2nd Kenny with one codling for 15 1/4 oz round fish Jason 14 3/4 oz codling .

Report by Dave Wright